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Czar Legacy

"You really need to be gifted with great stubbornness not to let this traditional, scarce, but wonderful way of producing wine fall.""

From the Azores to the World

Awards and Mentions

The Czar has won several awards
and medals, including a gold medal at the Moscow International Fair in 2011, out of 5,000 submitted to the competition.

This achievement increased the market value of the wine and motivated the producer's conviction that the Czar wine had great possibilities of becoming a premium product.
“There are wines that, in order to be fully perceived, require us to know in advance the vineyards from which they come.”
This Crazy Wine Is Worth A Trip To Pico Island In The Azores, Portugal

When Fortunato Garcia talks about his wine, Czar, he keeps coming back to one word: madness.  Nothing about his project—which his father began on the island of Pico in Portugal’s Azores archipelago in the 1960s—makes much sense. The grapes are grown on a tiny volcanic island with a violent climate in the middle of the Atlantic. The wind and the salt don’t let up. The vines are old, and their yields are tiny.

PDO Single Harvest Reserve Liqueur Wine

Czar Excellence Award 2013

Exuberant, original, fresh aroma, with iodized notes, citrus fruit, dried fruit, pine nuts, caramel, rich.

It's a bold, flavorful wine with a long, promising finish.

Pico, Azores

A rare vertical tasting of the Czar's wine
Sarah Ahmed

"An atypical dry non-fortified wine with only 6 g/l of residual sugars and a 20.1% alcohol content. Quite an unfortified wine. The island's native yeasts appear to be just as stubborn and hardworking as its inhabitants! "


Six of the Azores to taste

In February 2017, in the first ever vertical tasting, the Czar generated surprise and admiration for its’ quality and longevity in several magazines and newspapers in our country, as well as in the London magazine 'Decanter'.

Azorean Islands

The green wonder of the Atlantic

Honorable Mentions

Other press

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